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My intuition tells me that the reason you invested in your Ultimate Love Reading, your Match Matrix upgrade, and your 528 Hertz Love Activation System, is because you not only want your relationship to work - you want it to go all the way and lasts forever!

While I cannot promise your relationship will last forever - because unforeseen circumstances happen - what I CAN do is give you the absolute best chance of staying together.

If you’re still single, I want to give you the ultimate tool kit for picking the right partner and making sure he doesn’t disappoint you and leave you worse off like the rest.

If you’re married, I want you to have every single advantage possible for resolving your conflicts, re-sparking your romance, and deepening your union to levels you never experienced before.

If you’re unsure of what you really want to begin with, I want you to have a clear cut blueprint of what REALLY makes you HAPPY and fills your heart with LOVE.

Honestly, if you are HUMAN, I want you to live in alignment with…

How To Become The Architect Of Your Love Life And Actually Build The Relationship Of Your Dreams

Your Cosmic Love Blueprint will give you the roadmap to understanding yourself as well as your partner. You'll know all of the dynamics at play as your romance unfolds.

The next step is to take those dynamics and put them into action!

That's why Daryl has created a blockbuster course for creating the relationship of your dreams (in real life) that he calls Love Architecture.

It’s his premium SIX week long total Love Architecture online course that transforms your life (and experience of love) in just 20 minutes a day.

The secret is to do it DAILY - which takes heart, something we both know you have.

You're going to enjoy every second... and the changes in your real world relationships will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Imagine looking at a beautiful romantic picture of a couple and as you look closer you realize it's you in the picture.

Here's What The Love Architecture Course Can Do For You - Starting Today!

Week #1: Making Love Your Top Priority

Everyone wants to be in love, but few people truly know what they love at all. 

The secret to what will really set your heart on fire is hidden in your subconscious mind. 

You will be making it a top priority to connect with what you truly love before you begin to truly feel the essence of love. 

That’s why, for the first week, you’ll flush out your subconscious mind of every single thing you truly love, whether you realize it now or not.

Through this fun yet revealing process, you’ll uncover what really makes you fall in love with life - and by the end of the week, you’ll never look at your life the same way again.

Week #2: Discovering Your Love Life Levels

Are you not getting enough of what you love in your life? Are there things you do now that you would love to do more?

In this second week, you’ll run a life-wide survey of each thing you uncovered inside your Love Architecture workbook...

And take stock in the things that matter most - whether you realize what they are now, or not. Warning! What you discover about yourself during this part may shock you.

By the end of this week, you’ll know exactly what’s been lacking in your life, and what you need to do to restore your inner balance and your hunger for life.

Week #3: Designing Your True Love Blueprint

A goal without a plan is just a dream. So in Week 3, it’s time to bring your dreams to life.

This week is all about making room in your schedule to create time for the things that you love, so you can finally have the balance and rejuvenation that your heart so desperately craves.

By the end of this week, you’ll have a brand new calendar that will FUEL your life, not feed off of it.

You’ll wake up smiling in the morning because you know you’ve scheduled your best life possible, and that YOU are finally in control of your own happiness. Because now you’ll have the tools to take that control.

Week #4: Unlocking Your Next Level of Love

We don’t know what we don’t know, and sometimes, we put limitations on ourselves that we don’t even realize - even when pursuing things we love.

Your 4th week is all about unlocking a higher vibration of love by pushing you past what you thought was possible in your passions, your purpose, and your life.

Whether it’s reviving old passions you’ve put aside, or discovering brand new things that bring your heart joy…

You’ll begin to look past your limits and reclaim your hunger for life. 

Get excited, because when this week is complete, you’ll have dozens of things to experience that are guaranteed to bring you happiness, even if you’ve been miserable for years.

Week #5: How To Start Living A Life You Love

Did you know that the average person spends more time thinking about the things they love to do, than actually doing them?

Often times, the hardships of adult life get in the way of us experiencing the things that light up the inner child in us, and remind us why we love in the first place!

During this week, you will be required to execute the schedule you made in week 4, and work on integrating these missing pieces of yourself back into your life.

Daryl gives you all the tools you need to make these real adjustments in your schedule and deal with any challenges that may get in your way, so you can have that “protected time” and enjoy yourself without interruptions.

Week #6: Sharing Your  Love With The World

With a brand new schedule and brand new life in your hands, week 6 is all about sharing that newfound love with those closest to you so you can deepen your connection.

In fact, this week involves showing this system to the ones you love and enrolling them into creating their own Love Architecture so you can see what they truly love and what lights their heart on fire too. 

Can you imagine how powerful this could be in your intimate relationships? Not only will you know exactly what values you share and what makes you both truly happy... but it will draw you closer together, just by doing it.

By the end of these 6 short weeks... you'll gasp at how your entire perspective and attitude about love and relationships is completely different... and for the better!

Because, unlike most "how to" relationship programs that give you flash-in-the-pan results... 

The Love Architecture Course builds a rock-solid foundation in your psychology that can lead to...

The Most Satisfying... Most Secure... And Most Passionate Love Of Your Entire Life!

Did I ever tell you about Daryl's client Tara?

Tara used these same methods to fall in love and have a baby - even though the doctors said she couldn't get pregnant!

"I Have The Life I've Always Dreamed Of"

After working with Daryl I met the man of my dreams who swept me off my feet after 20 years of dating men that didn't go anywhere. Now I'm a happy mom and I have the life I always dreamed of. -Tara Varden, Jupiter, FL

And, guess what?

Tara NEVER worked with Daryl or used Guided Meditation before!

Six weeks with Daryl was all it took to transform her love life completely. 

Because here's the best part:

Like Tara, you can absorb The Love Architecture Course even with a busy schedule because you only need to spend...

20 Minutes A Day To Get Permanent Results!

It’s as easy to use as checking your email, and only takes 20 minutes a day of work for you to start seeing real, tangible changes in your life as early as week 1.

Especially because Daryl has included a few carefully selected, advanced tools so you can bypass your learning curve and condense a year of results in just 6 weeks time.

But that's not all!

You'll also receive...

Three FREE Powerful Online Programs As My Gift To You!

FREE GIFT #1: The Lazy Woman's Secret To Activating Your Romantic Destiny!

A $50 Value!

While the Guided Meditations from your 528hz True Love Activation System focuses on letting go of your traumas, healing your past, and cultivating new levels of love inside...

This advanced Guided Meditation uses next-generation Sound Healing technology to make your romantic future feel lighter, brighter, and hopeful than you ever imagined.

You’ll feel your future getting brighter as you listen to this track along with your weekly course material, as the relationship you want gets drawn into your life stronger with each week that goes by.

FREE GIFT #2: 16 Reasons Why He Should BEG To Be "Yours" Forever!

A $50 Value!

Discover the 16 core values that can make or break any relationship that most people are completely blind to!

Explore how your core values show up where you'd least expect them, and what it all means about how secure your relationship really is!

Connect-the-dots between these 16 core values and your lover (or potential lovers) to help quickly find someone...

So hopelessly obsessed and in love with you, that...

They'd crawl over broken glass just to stay by your side!

Use this simple true-love detector to fix small issues before they turn into dealbreakers, and turn subtle connections into springboards of everlasting love.


How To Magnetize Your Chakras And Manifest True Love While Your Sleep!

Sells For $111 Every Day!

Did you know that 528hz is part of the ancient Solfeggio Frequency healing scale used by monks to meditate?

They were discovered in the 11th century by a Benedictine monk named Guido d’Arezzo, and gave birth to mysteriously powerful practices like Gregorian Chant.  

It was even found that each frequencies directly connects to each of your 9 Chakras!

Thankfully, you've already got your 528hz Love Activation System... so you'll have 9 different guided meditations to raise your Heart Chakra's vibration and invite true love to come sprinting into your life...

And yet... what might happen if you also healed all OTHER 8 Chakras in your energy system at the same time?

You are happier, healthier, stronger, smarter, and more in-touch than ever before because you've...

Transformed Into The Most Lovable, Desirable And Valuable Version Of Yourself Humanly Possible - On 100% Autopilot!

Just like leveling a scale... if you overload one side and ignore the other - you simply can't make ends meet, stay balanced or find rest.

That's why it's critical that you work with your ENTIRE Chakra System as you start healing your Heart Chakra with 528hz... if you want full-body, everlasting results!

You wouldn't just exercise one muscle at the gym each time you went and ignore the rest. You'd work on different muscles together!

The same goes with Solfeggio Frequency Sound Healing: If you work with more than one Chakra each day, you stay balanced, whole, and can quickly integrate the massive changes taking place in your life!

And it's easier than playing a song on your phone. Just pick a Chakra Track to play, make yourself comfortable, drift off and dream your way into a higher vibration life

You'll gain instant access to...

The Self-Forgiveness Shower

You’ll finally wash away grief, shame and embarrassment from past mistakes...

And FULLY forgive yourself for EVERYTHING so you can let go of everything holding you back and embrace your relationships with open arms!

Try this one when you're in the worst mood possible and feel just how fast your negative energies disappear like sand in the desert winds. 

The Money Block Breaker

Shatter any mental obstacles between you and money silently stopping you from manifesting your dream life, even if they’re generations old!

You'll wonder why you've let yourself struggle with money once you try this one for the first time.

Because the truth is this: The #1 cause of breakups is money stress! You'll sleep better knowing your money issues won't keep you from love.

The True Love Amplifier

A collection of next-level 528hz Love Amplifiers not included in your 528hz Love Activation System!

Get an extra dose of pure Unconditional Love energy whenever you need it most.

Try this one when you're in the worst mood possible and feel just how fast your negative energies disappear like sand in the desert winds. 

The Timeline Rewriter

Short circuit emotional pain from your past and you'll never have to relive the trauma of old stories again!

This high vibration frequency lets you let go of your past once and for all, no matter how severe!

Say goodbye to painful memories botching your romantic chances... and make room in your heart to manifest a love that will never hurt you!

Instant Courage Booster

Ever feel like you could use an instant boost of confidence before something important? 

Use this 741hz Guided Meditation and watch your fear melt away like an ice cube in the Sun... 

Even if you're stone-frozen like a deer in headlights!

Absorb this frequency before an important "talk" with someone who makes you nervous to quickly calm your mind, bring peace to your heart, and speak your truth with confidence. 

The Destiny Tuner

Want to connect with the Universe directly on an energetic level?

Tap into the live feed of your Destiny through the 525hz Frequency and download high-level insights into your karma from this life - and even past lives!

You'll never feel alone, confused or unsure what to do again when you can dial your Destiny any time for these instant and accurate answers.

The Gate To Oneness

Have you ever felt live you've transcend space, time, or even the third dimension all together?

As the highest Sollfegio Frequency, 963hz has been known to help transcend human consciousness all together so you can see things from an all-knowing 5D perspective unlike any other!

You'll find answers to relationship questions you haven't even asked yet as you feel your MAJOR love-life stressors drift off your shoulders like a runaway balloon in the sky.

And that's just a tiny taste of what's inside!

When you include the Sedona Vortex Frequency and other bonuses... you'll find 19 Sound Healing Guided Meditations inside this breakthrough Sollfegio Frequency Total Chakra System Sound Healing System.

It's no wonder why it sells on our website every day for $111 - yet you get it 100% FREE just for giving The Love Architecture Course a chance to help you!

Your Romantic Journey Has Been A Long One - And It's About Time You Reached The Mountain Top

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365 Day Money Back Guarantee 

365 Day Money Back Guarantee 

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Your Match Matrix Upgrade is backed by a whopping 365 days to you make up your mind with this guarantee.

You still risk nothing by trying it out because you are covered by the same ironclad 60 day money back guarantee.

So go ahead - build the relationship of your dreams over the next six weeks.

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